Real Estate CRM

What Is the Best CRM for Real Estate?

Real estate is continuously evolving. The markets go up and down, and home styles change over time. During the past couple of decades, the market swings and style changes haven’t been the most significant changes for real estate agents and brokers, though. The business model itself has been the most substantial change. What was once […]
Best Startup Tech Stack

Your Complete Guide to the Best Startup Tech Stack

The best tech startups have three key characteristics. First, they have a talented, capable team. Second, they have a fantastic idea. They also have the right startup tech stack to implement it. It’s impossible to stress the last point enough. The world’s best ideas will find serious headwinds if the founders elect to use complicated, […]

4 Types of Real Estate Software You Need to Know to Succeed

Being successful in the real estate business looks much different now than it did 30 years ago. Back then, you might cold call clients, go door-to-door, and work diligently to have face-to-face interactions. Now, like many businesses, real estate is digital. Whether you’re a broker or an agent, the secret to success is the best […]

What is PropTech?

Currently, quite a good number of people are working hard to improve the real estate business. Backed by a large pocket of financial resources and well-educated experts in the field, they are aiming to change the business in the manner it is being traded, used, and operated for the better.  With the technology of Proptech, […]
Proptech Trends

Tech Transformation of the Real Estate Industry

With technological advancement leading and changing our everyday life, there is no field not touched by it. However, the real estate domain is well-known for slowly adopting the changes. This gives tech-savvy companies the opportunity to get ahead of their competitors while saving time and budgets with the help of IT. New tech trends are […]