The A-Team dedicated to impress

Building a loyal team of tech professionals who can operate efficiently as a single unit is challenging. Here at Impressit, we are fortunate to possess a unique group of exceptionally skilled software professionals that can become an efficient part of your in-house team. This service is perfect for companies who experience rapid growth and are open to onboard remote teams to their agile workflow.

Hiring a dedicated team might bring quite a few challenges. That's why we spent a lot of time building the best cooperation model out there, and we are proud of our simple, practical, hassle-free approach.

Contact us, name your requirements and wait for our candidates to show up at your doorstep. Did you like them? Fantastic! Now they are your remote team members dedicated to your projects full-time.

What will you get with Impressit dedicated team

  • Kick-off in a matter of weeks
  • Team of in-house tech experts dedicated solely to your project
  • Flexibility, secure approach, clean processes
  • Complete coverage of the operational cost
  • Professionals fluent in English
  • Always delivered commitments

Would you like to connect?

Leave us a note and we will contact you within 12 hours


We want to ask you something

Our approach is effective, fast and simple, and we want your new team members to be as productive as possible. Some criteria can help our team a lot in delivering the best result out there, and at the very start of work with Impressit dedicated team we expect you to:

  • Be comfortable working with remote teams
  • Have sufficient product management capacity
  • Commit for a long-term cooperation
  • Have a product roadmap and set clear expectations
  • Exercise Agile workflow and have well-structured processes
  • Treat our dedicated team as yours, not as a contractor

Please note! It doesn't mean that if you will not tick all the checkboxes there is no way for us to cooperate. As an entrepreneur, you know that great results are delivered when there is a match both technically and culturally.

What does the process look like?

  • Introduction

    Everything starts from an introduction call or face to face meeting with us. We will clarify your needs, sign an NDA and provide you with estimates.

  • Team Set-up

    Choosing our best candidates that will perfectly match your requirements and sending their CV's for you to review

  • Interviews

    Meet with our tech experts face to face or via video call to test them out decide who will be your next tech champ.

  • Final negotiation

    Found the best match for your company? Great, let's have some paperwork done.

  • Kick-off

    Day X has come and from this moment you have to worry only about your kids and your neighbour's dog who's annoying you all the time. We will take care of all operational costs, retention, and leisure costs.