Stuck with a half-baked product? Don’t worry. We got your tech covered

Building a product from scratch is not an easy task. Taking over the development midway through is even more challenging. Still, our team follows an effective process that minimizes the ramp-up time and allows us to deliver desired results within the shortest term possible.

Whenever you were left with a half-finished digital product or your business requires to modernize your existing software, Impressit team will adapt to your needs quickly and fulfill all your tech plans.

Let’s take it step-by-step and plan well ahead

If you need to rebuild your existing product or somebody left it halfway through, we are there to become your new loyal technology partner and show that Impressit always delivers.

Research and Strategy

We review existing documentation then analyse the solution and its code to explore the optimal way to continue product development effectively.

  • Research and Analysis
  • Code and Features Review
  • Team Setup
  • Time and budget estimation
  • Solution Presentation

Handover & Onboarding

Our Project Manager will provide you with a seamless project handover process. Team members will define a software development strategy, user journeys, create a roadmap and refine software architecture.

  • Development Roadmap
  • Software Architecture
  • User Journeys and User Experience Flows
  • Access to the third-parties
  • Code clean-up

Development and Testing

Our exceptionally skilled engineers, together with the Product Manager, will start the whole process of development by using a solid technology stack and Agile methodology that ensures regular builds. This will give us more time to test and provide feedback.

  • Architecture
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • 2-week sprints
  • Code quality and unit testing
  • Performance and Security testing
  • Bug fixing

Launch & Refine

Once the final product is ready we will take care of its deployment and bring it to the first users. We ensure that it runs smoothly, scalable for continued updates and ongoing maintenance.

  • DevOps
  • Monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Analytics
  • User Feedback

We are experts in

Project Competition

Suspended or left in the middle product. Complited recording to your requirements and similar technologies.

Complete Software Rebuild

Software that no longer meets your current business needs. Outdated product that is difficult to update or scale up. Rebild with an entire system change

Improving Existing

Security, feature and design modernizations without major changes in technologies or architecture to improve user expirience and software reliability

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What we do

Impressit is an expert in building turnkey products and provides a wide range
of software solutions for your specific needs. This includes:

Mobile Applications

Сustom mobile apps both for iOS and Android to boost your business and personalize the customer experience. Exceptional UX/UI and focused to get you ahead of competition.

Web Applications

New web app, landing page, or a full-scale website? Impressit engineers provide expert support for your web development needs.

SaaS Platforms

Fast and scalable SaaS platforms for secure and flexible use. Perfect for startups oriented on a consistent revenue stream and license-based pricing model.

Fashion marketplace that protects our planet

Client submitted  Idea
We made Mobile development

Benefits for you

We are passionate about everything we do and with Impressit you will get:

  • Deep analysis of your needs to prepare the best solution for your business
  • English fluent tech experts and no communication gaps
  • Full dedicated to your project as it's our own
  • Full scale team including PM/BA and QA
  • Best in class technologies
  • No need to bring your own resources
  • Agile workflow
  • Attraction of the first users
  • Project delivery on commitments
  • Secure processes
  • 24/7 maintenance