Our Prototyping Services include

To amplify the success of your software project our team validates, prototypes, and iterates your digital product first.

PoC for tech feasibility

Prototype development

Pilot system and MVP

How Do We Work

We keep things simple, focus on what matters most to the users, deliver frequently and on time.

  • evaluate your concept’s feasibility;
  • identify key features that carry the most value to the end-users;
  • prototype a demo solution that you can present to prospective investors or stakeholders;
  • adapt to users’ needs and design dynamic development roadmaps.

This approach helps to:

  • minimize development risks;
  • receive valuable user feedback;
  • produce tangible results ahead of the competition.

Our Impressive Strengths

10+ years of industry experience

Our leadership team combines more than a decade of experience in designing and developing applications in multiple domains.

Prototype first

Not only we do a comprehensive initial research and planning process, but we also create a light functional prototype for you to be 100% sure that our team can deliver on its promises.

Effortless communication

All Impressit team members speak good English. Your requests are answered within 5 to 20 minutes during business hours.

User Experience focused

Simplicity is in our genes. That’s why we keep our focus on the elements that bring the most value to your users and make their experience seamless.

Well-established processes

Our team follows an agile workflow tailored to each client’s unique case. Regular communication and frequent reporting let us increase performance and deliver results on schedule.

Utmost quality & security

Code style guidelines and best practices are followed across all teams. All applications and systems we build are securely stored on AWS cloud solutions, while additional firewalls are configured to prevent any unauthorized party from accessing your data.
case study wikibranch

Case: Wikibranch

Wikibranch is a powerful documentation management tool that helps professionals manage documentation across different domains and types of projects. This service provides just the right set of features to make documentation management more suitable for everyone. Collaborative editing, file sharing, documentation publishing, and a lot more.

Impressit team was responsible for designing the technical solution and server architecture, building both the back-end and front-end of the platform and deploying it to its production environment.