Digital science rewrites traditional business models and value chains in the automotive industry.

In fact, software development for the automotive sector entails so many areas:

  • fleet management and telematics;
  • IoT;
  • smart parking;
  • electrification;
  • predictive maintenance;
  • vehicle design;
  • emissions control;
  • mapping and navigation;
  • in-vehicle connectivity and more.

For aspiring businesses, the opportunities are endless.

Benefits of transport & mobility software

Cost optimization

The software does all the heavy lifting for your team. For example, it helps plan better routes for fleet or alerts of ways to reduce freight expenses. This actually works two ways. Not only will you cut costs, you will also boost value throughout the supply chain.

Efficient warehouse management

Transportation software drives visibility of warehouse teams and stock. Automatic tracking frees up time for other essential projects and reduces human errors.

Faster inventory turnaround

Transportation management software deals with inventory bottlenecks and ensures that shipments arrive timely. Your team can automate the most mundane projects and plan deliveries.

Better customer service

Through better tech, the automotive industry can reach new heights. It's all about delighting customers with personalized service and effortless driving experience.

Transport & mobility solutions

Logistics and supply chain management software

Custom supply chain management software puts key logistical processes on a fast track. Warehouse management, procurement or inventory management are finally simplified.

Traffic monitoring and route optimization

Urban transportation can be challenging to say the least. Fleet route planning software helps avoid traffic congestion and minimizes delivery time.

Cloud-based infotainment solutions

Modern vehicles get more sophisticated and connected than ever before. Today’s infotainment solutions for the automotive industry are so diverse. Audio/video, handsfree voice management and connectivity are some of the best examples.

Cab, ride-hailing, and bike-sharing apps

In the age of the gig economy, sharing is the new business model. People share cars and bikes and commute door-to-door assisted by ride-hailing apps. And this trend will only gain more traction in the years ahead.

Smart parking solutions

Powered by IoT, smart parking solutions alert drivers of available parking spots. Vehicles connect with parking lots in real time and drivers can check live updates anytime.

Automotive e-commerce platforms

Buying and selling cars, accessories and automotive parts has never been so easy. The automotive marketplaces deliver fast and hassle-free online experience.

Voice-activated applications

In-car speech recognition and voice-enabled tech are major trends in the automotive industry. Enhanced safety and connectivity are some of the major perks in this regard.

Delivery/courier systems

Delivery software empowers companies to manage courier teams in real time. Route planning, fleet tracking and team visibility speed up delivery and cut costs.

Software development with Impressit

Solution Design & Prototyping

Exceptional advice on getting your project up and running. We validate ideas, build product development roadmaps and provide timelines and budget breakdowns.

User experience design

Our developers build you feature-rich, helpful and intuitive apps. Thoughtful features and clean design are at your customers’ fingertips.

Cloud and SaaS application development

Our team specializes in building custom cloud-based platforms for the automotive industry. SaaS software gets your team’s productivity up to speed and cuts costs.

Mobile application development

Impressit developers build interactive apps that keep users connected at all times. One-touch access to all the info and features, anywhere and anytime.

DevOps & cloud consulting

Our DevOps team will set you up with a detailed software development lifecycle map. We will also help you integrate cloud facilities into your key business processes.

Technical Support

We take care of your tech so that you can invest your efforts into growing your automotive project. Rest assured that your tech architecture is in capable hands.

Why Impressit

  • Dedicated focus on the real estate industry
  • A strong leadership team with 10+ years of tech and management experience and a passion for real estate
  • A dynamic agile delivery workflow
  • Tangible prototypes for our customers even before they sign up with us
  • Solid experience in building top-performing apps and systems
  • Expertise in designing personalized experience in real estate
  • The lens on business and marketing automation
  • Top-notch security for your property data and systems. You won’t be making headlines