The state of PropTech

PropTech is a global wave of innovation in real estate. It rewrites the property buying, selling and leasing experience as we know it. Real estate management solutions are the engine for digital transformation in the property industry. From real estate CRMs to AI and IoT, real estate is ripe for software adoption which has the potential to benefit all parties to a property transaction.

For investors globally, the real estate startup scene is extremely lucrative. In 2018 alone, the venture funding in disruptive property software projects amounted to $4 billion (source: In 2019 and beyond, 60% of investors (source: plan to channel more funds in PropTech management solutions which is a 46% rise from just six months ago.

Real estate software business value

Market leverage

Real estate management tech has disrupted the property market. Tech-savvy real estate teams can monetize unlimited marketing opportunities and dominate the local real estate landscape.

Higher property value

A cleverly marketed property can yield its owner a massive ROI. Likewise, a leasing property enhanced with IoT has the potential to attract high-profile tenants in the long term.

Engaging customer experience

Modern home buyers want a rich and frictionless real estate experience at their fingertips. Property software helps agents showcase listings in a beautiful and engaging manner as well as laser-target audiences and channels with personalized offers.

Amplified business exposure

A dedicated real estate website, native mobile app and data sync with global property portals work like a charm. Real estate pros can finally put their listings in front of prospective clients. And do so via a multitude of channels without breaking their budgets.

Real estate software solutions

Commercial and residential property listings

90% of home buyers go online to explore available property options. Lead-generating real estate listings are a cornerstone of agents’ digital exposure.

Property management software

Real estate teams use property management software to manage leads, referrals and past clients, track inventory, organize showings and open houses and integrate their listing data with MLSs and property portals.

Software for real estate brokers

The property software suite is so diverse. Real estate CRMs, MLS/IDX compatibility solutions, real estate websites and native mobile apps, dashboards and analytics – you name it.

Construction management solutions

Construction management software makes complex daily operations more efficient and easier to track. Interactive apps put you in control of your projects, inventory and property maintenance.

Smart real estate applications

Internet of Things and smart real estate management software make the property more efficient. Automated alarm systems, climate control, lighting and garage management are the handiest benefits.

Booking solutions

Property rental agencies would get snowed under complaints, were it not for booking software. Tenant management, synced calendars and inboxes simplify real estate rental business.

AR/VR tours & visualization software

Let prospective clients get a 360-degree view of their future property. Showcase your real estate listings in a captivating form. Design beautiful visual tours that are worth more than a thousand words.

Data manipulation and business intelligence software

Particularly useful for CRE teams. Sophisticated modeling helps them discover the most promising investment location for their clients. BI software finally puts scores of data to good use. An upshot? Accurate and insightful forecasts for management teams.

Real estate software development with Impressit

Solution Design & Prototyping

Need a customized real estate management software to power your brokerage? Our team will delve deep into your challenges, validate product ideas and present an actionable implementation plan.

User experience design

We build compelling and user-friendly property apps for your clients and internal real estate software for your teams. Our developers make them feature-rich and robust, yet intuitive and simple.

Real estate cloud & SaaS app development

Our team will build you a custom real estate SaaS platform that fully capitalizes on the benefits of the cloud. The possibilities are endless: from cutting costs to enhancing data management and boosting security.

Real estate mobile app development

Our developers can build a native mobile app for your prospective clients and a property management app for your on-the-go agents.

DevOps & cloud consulting

Our DevOps team will optimize your real estate software development lifecycle. Ongoing management of your cloud facilities at every stage.

Technical Support

Focus on growing the sphere of influence for your real estate business. In the meantime, we take care of all things technical. You’ll love it.

Why Impressit

  • Dedicated focus on the real estate industry
  • A strong leadership team with 10+ years of tech and management experience and a passion for real estate
  • Agile methodology for property software delivery
  • Tangible prototypes for our customers even before they sign up with us
  • Solid experience in building top-performing apps and systems
  • Expertise in designing personalized experience in real estate
  • The lens on business and marketing automation
  • Top-notch security for your property data and systems. You won’t be making headlines