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Wikibranch is a powerful documentation management tool which helps professionals manage their documentation across different domains and types of projects. This service provides just the right set of features to make documentation management more suitable for everyone. Collaborative editing, file sharing, documentation publishing and a lot more.

Our client is Makemove company. They are really promising startup company based in Lviv. Makemove has already successfully launched a couple of projects, and Wikibranch is the next big step.

Our client required a couple of things from us: Quality, Performance, Communication and Transparency. We built the best process for them to achieve the project goals in the best way we can.

We proposed to build a SaaS project based on the really strong technology stack which covered all technical requirements we expected to face with during development.

First of all we did really big research to find the best possible way to implement the project from a technical point of view. We prepare the technical proposal and describe all solutions and technical aspects for the project. Since everything was approved and we finish the final preparations for development we were ready to go, and excited to work with really interesting and big project. For development we had a team of 5 people – Two backend, two frontend and PM/BA manager, some time we provide the QA engineer to help with testing and preparing some QA reports. The team was working by Scrum process, thay had every day morning meetings, retrospectives, planings and demo calls. Also we had a couple of meetings with customer to discuss some business side of the project to have a clear vision of everything we are moving to.

Technically project were built with our main stack technologies and it shows the best result which we expected to have. All our infrastructure was based in the AWS cloud system. On the backend we use Symfony 4 framework and many different architecture approaches like: microservices, BFF, DDD, etc. The biggest challenge on the project was the collaborative document editing which were implemented with and additional microservice with NodeJs on the board.

During developing we prepare the staging environment with CI/CD approaches to easily deploy and update services. For CI/CD we use Jenkins in pair with Ansible.
This project is still in development and going to be life to the end of summer.

As a technical partner we solved a lot of different management and technical issues for our client. We successfully build and implement complicated solutions and provide a really quality service to help them with their challenges.

  • June 10, 2019