Top UK Proptech Companies

Proptech, real estate technology, property management software — these concepts must be in the vocabulary of business owners and startup founders who want to profit from their residential investments. 

If you think that proptech technologies are something obscure and you do not want to use them and stay more traditional — better think again. Real estate technology trends illustrate a simple equation — proptech grows almost exponentially. Most importantly, it correlates to the growth rates of urbanization.

To illustrate, the evidence offered by Statista shows that as of 2019, there are 507 proptech companies in London alone. It is a staggering number if you think about it. Interestingly, you can visit the chart here and see for yourself that London is leading in proptech in comparison to other major European cities. 

Not convinced yet? How about profits? Forbes estimated that in 2008 the proptech market was worth $20 million. A decade later, the market has grown to a staggering $12 billion, and the number continues to rise. 

Besides, the business trends show a steady increase in the number of companies capturing the property market. In the UK alone, five percent of the market has already been captured by online retail brokers.

There is demand for proptech. There is an increase in the rates of urbanization. There is a steady growth in the number of businesses that want a piece of the pie. Believe me, it is the best time to immerse yourself in the real estate market and make your business thrive. 

To help you with that, we've analyzed many proptech companies in the UK. Among the dozens of candidates, we've selected the most prospective ones. Without a doubt, after reading about the companies below, you will have access to the best property management software in the UK market. 

Top UK Proptech Companies

When it comes to buying real estate, there is much more than a mere financial transaction. The process can be exponentially complicated. If you want to purchase or manage various properties or you are desperately looking for a place to rent or dreaming of purchasing your first apartment, it can be as hard as going through a dark maze without a torch. Luckily, real estate technology companies profit from helping you find the light at the end of the maze.  


EverKnock is a rising star in the UK's proptech market. It is one of those real estate tech startups with a bright future, making its business model an example for other firms. The company was incorporated in May 2020 with the main office in London. Even though the company is only a year and a half young, it established a solid clientele and proved itself a decent player in the proptech business. 

One of the critical features of the company is to focus on efficiency and simplicity. EverKnock suggests that purchasing and managing real estate can be a harrowing experience. It takes several months, and more than thirty percent of transactions collapse to complete the process. With such numbers in mind, the company can help its customers make the experience more pleasant and efficient. 

EverKnock's application provides personalized advice, offers a visual map, and brings forth a high-quality curated catalog to make the process of real estate management as easy as possible. When using the services, you gain access to on-demand advice and sophisticated tracking systems. It helps you see how far you are in the process of property purchase or real-estate management.  

When it comes to the cost of EverKnock's services, there is one particular thing to consider. The company does not offer pre-established packages. Instead, you need to contact the firm’s customer service, and they will present a personalized pricing option that meets the needs of your business. 


If EverKnock is a small company with a focus on the local clientele, Findingaplace is the company with a global reach. The business's journey started in London. However, by utilizing its scalable SaaS platform, it managed to enter various regions and markets.

Like many other proptech companies, Findingaplace focuses on time-saving and efficiency. It wants your experience to be smooth and stressless. The company managed to fulfil its vision by designing a revolutionary property research system. The firm claims that using the platform saves you about twenty hours.

The system is easy-to-use. The company claims that it takes about sixty seconds to complete the online form. The most interesting part is the process is free-of-charge!

How does the company get its profits? Findingaplace collects a monthly subscription from various Estates Agent partners who access their proptech platform. 

With such a unique monetization strategy, the company attracted a massive number of users. Using the firm's services, you receive access to the team that adds information to your searches. Besides, Findingaplace shares applications that match your property stock. With such a system, you can contact the tenant directly or merely save the information to the CRM. 

It is exciting that you can use Findgaplace's revolutionary searching tool for free and become a step closer to your perfect tenants. 


It is no secret that the success of the proptech market depends on many variables. To someone's surprise, the companies that understand and track such factors predict the market's volatility. Such knowledge can be easily translated into profits. 

Gleensite is a proptech firm that has a primary objective to use technological tools to make these predictions. As you might have wondered, the company works with analytics. There is a built-in proptech platform that utilizes big data, Artificial Intelligence, and information from partners to provide you with a decision whether you need to purchase, sell, or invest. 

How does the system operate?

Gleensite collects spatio-temporal datasets, which sounds more complicated than it is. In simple terms, the system searches through the Internet and various databases to get essential information about real estate, tenants, and other companies to fuel its predictive algorithms.

Then, the platform applies predictive models to boost the accuracy of its forecasts. As the last phase in the chain, the system translates a myriad of data into actionable insights offered to you in a real-time and self-service interface.

The best thing is that you do not need to be a software engineer or analytics expert to understand the reports. Gleensite ensures that the insights you receive are easy-to-comprehend and visually appealing. 

To benefit from the company's Predictive Analytics Mapping software, you need to choose among three pricing packages. The first one, the Basic option, costs £149 per user/ month. The Advanced package is £499. The Packaged option is £1,999, and it entails on-premise applications.

It is safe to say that working with Gleensite is a costly endeavor if you are a young startup. However, it can be highly profitable in the long run.

Appear Here

In comparison to three prior proptech companies, Appear Here is a goliath. The company was founded in 2014. Since then, the firm has facilitated the opening and management of more than 10,000 stores in the US, UK, and France. 

In its portfolio, the company focuses on four key user strategies: risk-free bookings, unprecedented prices, expert service at each step, and COVID safe properties. The firm provides you with an option of flexible cancellation to make your booking experience risk-free. Besides, there are reduced costs for premium clients and an accessible concierge team who will guide you through the entire process with care. 

One of the aces in the company's sleeve is the so-called Idea Profile. The system gives you access to the platform that has the brand's product images, stores crucial data, and presents social outreach all in one place. From your mobile device, you can easily accept or decline various ideas, as well as finalize special offers and payments. 

In addition to Idea Profile, you receive portfolio management tools, performance data evaluation instruments, and revenue tracking options. You can automatically trigger payments, download invoices, and get notifications when the transaction is complete with the platform. 

Similar to EverKnock, the company offers individual packages, the ones curtailed individually to meet your needs.



What is one of the most promising aspects of the technological era? It is connectivity and collaboration. Many tech companies try to exploit the idea of connectivity, think Facebook. However, there are several proptech firms that use connectivity to boost user experience and promote your real estate business. 

The Plentific’s mission is to create a platform that connects landlords, property managers, and trade professionals. With the system, you can have a better grasp on property management, provide superior customer service, and be sure maintenance will be completed on time.

The company is one of the fastest-growing in the UK. Its approach to the connectivity provided fruitfully and brought the firm clients all over Europe and the United States. 

Speaking more about the features Plentific offers, there are several to mention. After communicating an individually selected pricing package, you will get crucial information about the industry. Furthermore, your software will be connected to the Plentific's database. 

You will also receive a so-called savings calculator. It helps you determine how much you can save in terms of operational costs. Besides, the company's developers provide you with an easy-to-understand API guide. You can show it to your IT specialists and get the most of the insights. 

Plentific is a multifaceted tool directed at saving operational costs through connectivity. 


Skrap is a small proptech company. Yet, Skrap can mean big positive changes for your real estate business. Dealing with various construction-related materials can be major stress when it comes to property management. The company helps you make the process seamless and effective.

The firm looks to revolutionize construction hire services. On your mobile device, you can deal with construction materials issues almost at once. Skrap looks even further. It wants to revolutionize and automate the entire construction supply process over the years.

The primary benefit of the Skrap applications is that it allows contractors and real estate developers to hire from different sites and manage the projects all at once and in real-time. 

You can purchase the application both on the App Store and Google Store. If you think that using the APP is hard, you are wrong. There are three things one can say about Skrap App — simplicity, reliability, and transparency. 

Skrap App will be a significant addition to the products and services of other proptech companies. However, you should always consider whether you are willing to pay for the application if you do not face construction problems any time soon. 


Following the idea of simplicity takes us to another prominent proptech company — Lendlord. For instance, if you are a landlord, it can be tricky for you to get mortgage insurance. There are tons of documents and forms to complete. Besides, any mistake or error can potentially cost you the entire deal. 

Lendlord claims that its services and products make the process simpler. One of the critical company's services is the platform offering buy-to-let mortgage options. It includes various bridging finance, revolving credit, securing loans, and landlord insurance aspects. The company has launched the Finance Hub, the elaborate system that helps deal with all financially-related elements of real estate management. 

Apart from the Finance Hub, Lendlord offers a range of products:

  • Tenancy management. The system assists in tracking rent collection.
  • Mortgage search. The tool that helps you find the best mortgage and remortgaging options.
  • Ongoing portfolio management. The algorithm that analyzes your personal portfolio to provide the best business insights.
  • Cash flow analysis. The instrument plays a major role in tracking income and expenses to help you make the best financial decisions.
  • Portfolio KPIs. The service is based on access to a dashboard with a number of available metrics portraying your portfolio’s overall health. 

If you are not yet convinced that Landlord will help you manage the property well, hear this. The company is considered among the ones most committed to data security. There is a range of instruments the firm applies to protect your personal data. 

The authentication process is protected with encrypted passwords. All data wiring is hashed. To engage in any management session, the platform requires authorization. To protect communication, the company uses top-grade SSL encryption. 

Lendlord will make financial management more accessible and more efficient. Besides, when using the service, you can be sure your competitors won't steal some crucial information concerning your clients and business in general. 


If you are tight on the budget and love excellent customer service, Housemates should be your top choice. The company’s motto is “great prices, no surprises.” The platform offers hundreds of thousands of booking options and never charges a fee for its services.

The firm ensures the security of online payments and focuses on transparency in its property information. There is something to find for every client. 

You should consider the fact that students are the primary clientele of the company. However, its services can bring benefits to proptech professionals and landlords alike. 

Housemates are all about support. The platform has a live chat room where you can contact customer service representatives and find solutions to almost any proptech issue you have. The company's support system focuses on marketing, guidance, and technical help. 

If you want to get the most of your work with Housemates, there is an option of becoming an Affiliate. Essentially, it means that you join a global network and receive access to partnering opportunities with reputable brands in the proptech industry. Becoming an affiliate means you become a part of a premium club of real estate professionals. 

Housemates are a direct path into the broader proptech world. With the platform, you receive global exposure and top-notch customer support service for prices with "no surprises.”

Orbital Witness

The very name of the company suggests its innovative nature. Orbital Witness is one of the real estate technology companies dedicating themselves to technological advancement. The achievements of the firm speak for themselves. Orbital Witness won the ‘IT Product of the Year’ award as a part of the British Legal Technology Awards 2020. 

When thinking about technological applications, many think of marketing, communications, and development. However, Orbital Witness chose another domain — legal. The company intends to revolutionize the process of legal management within the proptech industry. 

Orbital Witness wants to avoid property transactions relying on documents and writing reports completed and signed by lawyers. The company dedicated its technological capabilities to designing and implementing an automated solution for property diligence. Strikingly, while the proptech market has developed massively in recent years, the property due diligence hasn't changed even a bit in more than a century. 

Since its launch in 2018, Orbital Witness has proven its system works appropriately. Receiving an award is the best sign of that.

If you want to know more about the company's revolutionary product, here are some insights:

  • Artificial Intelligence and IT experts work in cooperation to ensure that all the prerequisites are considered.
  • The in-built codified legal analysis system is developed and checked by reputable property lawyers. 
  • All the cooperation and collaboration results in the reports linked to the original documents, making the verification process much more manageable. 

Besides, the system offers access to historical planning data and so-called complexity rating. It is the instrument you can use to determine the degree of potential legal hardships you encounter when dealing with a particular property. There is an easy-to-navigate mapping system distinguishing various properties based on their complexity rates. 

If you have a fear of diligence and legal process, then Orbital Witness is your saving hand. 


Imagine you are choosing some product online. What do you do to ensure that the marketplace you are using is a credible one? How do you determine if a product is worth buying? Many people trust the feedback of other customers. 

The same is true with Nestful. The company focuses on making the lives of its clients easier (so as any other proptech company). Nestful helps users manage property sales, purchases, and chains all in one place.

The platform has an elaborate system of matchmaking. If you are a landlord looking for tenants with specific requirements, you leave your request, and soon you receive matchmaking results via email, SMS, or social media. 

Within its pricing options, the most common one costs £14.99. For that price, you can use the platform to create ads and get inquiries. Besides, the company ensures that your ad will be seen only by prospective tenants, the ones matching your requirements. 

Besides, if you find a match, you will have access to a secure chat. There you can speak to tenants anonymously and work out further details of property management. 

Nestful puts an emphasis on three core values: safety, security, and stability. Returning to the customer feedback — to prove its credibility and effectiveness, the company offers hundreds of positive customer reviews, this one vouching for Nestful's services. 


Renting today is stressful. Especially if you're renting in an unfamiliar city and doing it for the first time. You come up against scammers, quality issues, questions about your contract, and more. Rentoo, the UK's premium property rental marketplace, makes this process a breeze! 

The mission of the platform is to bring trust and convenience to renting. The whole process is done securely online, from submitting your reference checks, signing contracts, and paying your rent.

The homes on Rentoo website are handpicked, and all of them adhere to strict quality standards. Broader information, such as reviews by existing tenants, price comparisons, local data, 3D tours, are also available.

But Rentoo is not just for renters. This service also helps landlords stay compliant with the relevant tenancy laws and helps them manage their property more efficiently at a fraction of the cost. Now you can rent and find tenants like a pro, eliminating much of the stress.

Currently, Rentoo is operating in the UK and looking forward to expanding internationally.

Too Many Options?

We've covered a massive chunk of information here. Every proptech company provides access to elaborate real estate software. However, each software was designed to meet a specific purpose. Some help with financial management. Others assist with legal management. 

Go through the options mentioned above again. Visit the companies' websites and see for yourself. There is no doubt that you will find what you are looking for. 

You should ask yourself — am I willing to compete in the highly competitive market without the assistance of proptech companies that proved to be highly effective in dealing with a range of proptech issues.