Top World EdTech Conferences in 2021/2022

Want to learn how to cook Gordon Ramsey's delicious cheeseburger? Want to know more about writing horror from the godfather of the genre Stephen King? The chance is you have seen the ads offering you a range of educational opportunities from the most seasoned experts in the world.

EdTech companies like Masterclass and Coursera revolutionize educational technologies and make information and opportunities available to the masses. With EdTech tools accessible to the public, there are almost limitless options for employment and entrepreneurship.

Besides, the evidence shows that EdTech is a massive business and market segment. A respective research agency Grandview offers statistics showing that in 2019 alone, the global EdTech market was worth $76.4 billion. As a promising realm for growth, the experts anticipate an industry's annual growth rate of 18.1 per cent up to 2027. 

Speaking in numbers, as the evidence indicates, the EdTech market is expected to reach $404 billion by 2025. How can the segment achieve such massive growth in such a short period? The answer is EdTech trends and tools.

With the rising digitalization, the world is witnessing a rise of different trends in educational technology. Integration of instruments like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) allows students and educators to enhance learning and teaching experiences. Besides, the introduction of Gamification, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Virtual Learning offered massive educational opportunities without physical and geographical boundaries.

To illustrate, educational technology tools like Kahoot!, Minecraft Education Edition, Google Expeditions, and Virtual Tours revolutionize education, learning, and teaching, thus creating massive opportunities for people and businesses.

If you want to learn more about superior EdTech technologies, we have collected a series of top global educational technology conferences available in 2021/2022. Attending such events online or offline grants vital information and experiences, which grants an in-depth understanding of the EdTech industry and its commercialisation. 

EdTech World Forum

Dates: 29-30 November 2021

The title speaks for itself. EdTech World Forum is one of the most significant events in the realm of educational technologies. It unites experts, professionals, and technicians working day and night to deliver new EdTech products to clients worldwide.

EdTech World main page


Do not believe me? Look at the companies organizing the event. Microsoft, Google, and Harvard University are among the key organizers and funders of the EdTech conference. Along with the behemoths in the industry, several firms serve as promising candidates for leaders in the EdTech market.

Kajeet is a company offering services from wireless networks. It delivers controlled and secure wireless experiences to a range of clients, predominantly the ones from India. While cooperating with Verizon and Sprint, the company manages to engage in extensive research and development in educational technologies.

Quantiphi is another company represented at the conference. The firm is an award-winning AI digital engineering enterprise, which serves its clients to solve various transformation issues many businesses face. In educational technologies, quantiphi cooperates with Microsoft and Google to make sure that AI is integrated into current and upcoming EdTech trends.


You still are not sure about the conference? Look at the keynote speakers, then. One of the most seasoned experts presented at the conference is Chris Rothwell. He is Director of Education at Microsoft LTD.

At the forum, Rothwell raises the question of the role of data and insight in education. Following Microsoft's vision to empower every student, the speaker uses his experience with projects like Office 365 to show how businesses can develop new EdTech tools, boost learners' performance and improve the educational experience in general.

Another key speaker is David Julian. He is the Head of Industry concerning EdTech at Google. When using sales experience and expertise in advertising, Julian integrates the vision of CRM and cross-device measurement to explore the topic of driving student acquisition via digital marketing. Essentially, the speaker shows how marketing technologies can aid the EdTech industry. 

Essential Information

The EdTech World Forum will include about 200 delegates, 25 speakers, and 2 days of speeches this year. Considering the current measures and restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a great chance that the conference will be an online-only event.

When looking at the cost, you might expect it to be pricey. However, keep in mind that it is the most respected EdTech global event that takes massive time and effort to organize. Besides, it is a one-in-a-year opportunity to get to know essential components and trends of the rapidly developing EdTech industry. 

The full price for the event is £625 (app. $867). For that price, you receive a pass to all the events. Additional perks include membership to the LinkedIn group, access to presentations offered by the speakers, Q&A sessions with keynote speakers, and the recordings of all video sessions. 

If you are willing to participate in the most anticipated EdTech event, register here

ICPEET EdTech Conference

Dates: 23-24 September 2021

There are broad representations of educational technologies both in the United States and Europe. As a part of the EdTech Europe initiative, there is an ICPEET conference. The organizers present the event as part of the broader International Scientific initiative directed at promoting science, engineering, and technology.

ICPEET main page

Aims and Objectives

The World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology presents global events that gather various research organizations to seek innovative solutions for various EdTech issues. While there is a fee for participating at the conference, you can become a member of the organization, as mentioned earlier, for an additional option.

There are several important aims and objectives within the scope of ICPEET. First and foremost, the organizers attempt to bring together various scholars to offer high-quality consent. Second, the insights can be of exceptional value for EdTech shareholders, including students, academicians, and industry researchers. 

While bringing together experts in academics and educational technologies, the conference organizers seek to have access to experiences and expertise in preschool education and educational technology. In addition, as a part of the conference, you can witness the creation of an interdisciplinary platform for educators, researchers, practitioners, and EdTech professionals. In simple terms, at the conference, you can become a part of some broader initiative called to determine how EdTech can develop in the future. 

Organizational Moments

Suppose you want to participate in the conference. In that case, you can submit your presentation and wait for a response from the organizers. If you're going to attend as the listener, just register and choose a particular participation type.

The organizers of the conference offer several means for participation. For each type, there is a different price. On average, the price for participation is about €300 ($355). 

As a part of the participation fee, you will receive all the conference materials digitally. The range of materials you receive is the following: e-certificates, e-book, e-name badge, e-receipt, and e-presentation. 

Before registering, you should understand that the conference is a more research-type one. It means that academicians will present its content with professional language and illustrate insights difficult to understand for a general audience. In contrast, the matters discussed at the conference provide in-depth insights and solutions for EdTech initiatives. 

Register here if you want to become a member of the EdTech research community and participate in the interdisciplinary platform. 

The Future of Education Technology Conference

Dates: 25-28 January 2022

The Future of Education Technology (FETC) event is a part of higher ed technology conferences dedicated to finding prominent EdTech solutions and the range of their applications. The event is appealing in terms of its content, as well as the platforms available to participants.

FETC main page


While understanding the social needs of the conference's attendees, the organizers decided to make an opening night reception. Participating at the conference is a great chance to communicate with about 400 solution providers.

Haven't you been to the theater in a long time? Do not worry. The conference organizers establish content-focused theaters. In total, there will be five theaters, each providing you with sessions led by real-world experts and EdTech company leaders.

Do you have EdTech start-up ideas? In such a case, FETC has a start-up pavilion. There you will discover numerous emerging EdTech companies, get original demo products, and meet the young entrepreneurs who realize the ideas of changing the world through the EdTech industry. You can become a part of the rising EdTech community. 

Do you have any favorite authors on the topic of educational technologies? There is a great chance at the conference you will meet authors of best-selling EdTech books. You can take advantage of such a massive opportunity and ask any questions you like or have your book signed. If I were you, I would discuss some hot topics in educational technologies and get unique feedback from the top professionals. 

For younger generations of participants, there is an eSports Arena available at the conference. There you can witness eSports in action and witness how gamification enters the realm of educational technologies in practice. It is a unique opportunity to understand how gaming can leverage your technology investment and translate into educational opportunities for students and educators.  


Among the topics that will be covered at the conference, there will be speaking about positive education and block chain. One of the keynote speakers explores the formula of success through the scope of the power of positive education. Such an approach is believed to use the force of positivity in order to boost educational and personal outcomes. 

Within the scope of block chain technology, the authors speak about the possibility of integrating the phenomenon into the realm of education to improve the transparency and accountability of academic credentials. Essentially, the proper introduction of block chain can potentially revolutionize the matter of institutional credentials, thus enabling people to use their credentials for multiple sources.

In general, FETC participation results in unmatched expert guidance. The diverse lineup of real-world EdTech professionals offers personal stories and experiences in correlation to creative strategies called to deal with numerous EdTech issues.

The conference makes a crucial emphasis on innovation and creativity. The Expo Hall within the FETC provides access to different sessions. Through them, you can communicate with leading EdTech experts, which grants a comprehensive view of the future of education.

Finally, becoming a participant at the conference grants you a place within the FETC community.


To participate in the conference, you have several options. The premium price with unlimited access to workshops costs $860. In turn, the basic registration fee is $340. The basic package offers access to keynote sessions without access to workshops. Importantly, if you want to participate as a team, you can have a discount.

The formula is the following: the bigger the team, the bigger the discount. For a team of between 3 and 9 people, you receive a 15% discount. For 50+ teams, the discount is a staggering 30 per cent. 

Want to become a part of the FECT community, register for the conference here

TCEA Convention & Exposition

Dates: 7-10 February 2022

The Seventh Annual TCEA conference and exposition is an in-person and online event held in Austin, Texas. You can have a 2-day live education and experiences event that grants many valuable EdTech-related insights. 

TCEA main pag

In the partnership with Illinois Digital Educators Alliance (IDEA), the conference organizers brought together instructional and technology coaches who promote positive shifts in teaching and learning. The event revolves around problem-based learning and research-based strategies to create effective coaching methodologies and peer-to-peer collaboration approaches.

The convention can be extremely beneficial for a range of specialists. Campus administrators, CTOs, CTE administrators, instructional coaches, ELA teachers, EdTech providers, all the shareholders will have something of value from the participation. 

TCEA's vision and mission stem from the inherent desire to integrate advanced technologies in education. While focusing on the PreK-16 environment, the speakers and organizers ensure that participants receive state-of-the-art information through attendance at conferences, workshops, and newsletters. 

The in-person participation fee costs $199. The package includes 42 educational credit hours with 12 exclusive hours of live presentations. The option grants face-to-face networking opportunities and provides you with one year TCEA membership. 

The online-only participation fee is $129. For that price, you get 30 educational credit ours along with 11 hours of live presentations. You can also interact with in-person attendees in the context of live sessions and receive one-year TCEA membership.

If you are focused on integrating educational technologies within the PreK-16 setting, you must register at the convention here

CUE EdTech Conference

Dates: 23-24 October 2021

Want to become a participant at the largest and oldest educational technology event in California? Then, you must register for the CUE Conference. 

CUE main page

Computer-Using Educators (CUE) is a nonprofit corporation founded in 1978. Its vision and mission revolve around inspiring innovations among learned and educators alike. The range of innovations presented is applicable from preschool through college. CUE is one of the largest educational organizations in the United States. 

The event will be beneficial to educators, administrators, and technology coordinators. Besides, thousands of educators and educational professionals will attend this 3-day conference. 

In concurrent one-hour sessions, you will learn about the ways of integrating educational technologies in all areas of the curriculum. The sessions will be held by single speakers, teams, or panels. It is a massive chance for novices in the realm of educational technologies to receive firsthand insights from seasoned EdTech professionals.

As a virtual-only conference, there is only one price option available. The 2-day virtual pass comes at a price of $129. For the fee, you receive access to all the presentations and materials. Worth noting that session recordings will be available until December 31, 2021.

If you are an EdTech novice who wants to get the gist of the industry from experienced professionals, sign up for the conference here.

Wrapping Up 

As you can see, there are a number of conferences and events that can make you more knowledgeable in the realm of educational technologies. From broad events like EdTech World Forum and the Future of Educational Technology Conference to specialized events like CUE and TCEA, there is an option for people of different tastes. 

With different pricing strategies presented at the events and depending on objectives, you can select a conference meeting various business, professional, and personal needs. Besides, concurring to the most recent change brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, you have an opportunity to dive into the EdTech world from the comfort of your home. 

The key aspect is to ask yourself, how can I learn about the most recent EdTech trends with comfort and good price? The answer is - choose one or more of the events mentioned above.