mvp development

MVP Development: What It Is and How To Estimate It

The MVP (minimum viable product) is one of the essential concepts for startups to understand firmly. Many startups run into trouble “shooting for the moon” and winding up unable to deliver anything of value in a reasonable timeframe. Or, at the opposite end, they’ll aim for something so low that it’s not impressive. Both of […]
Best Backend Framework:

The 9 Best Backend Frameworks: When and Why You Need To Use Them

If you’re considering developing a modern app or website, you may know that you’ll need to have two components. The first is called the “frontend,” and it handles everything related to the user experience. It controls what the user sees, when to fetch data from the server, and how they can manipulate and change it. […]
Best Software Architecture

Why Does Your Project Need the Best Software Architecture?

For many people, the concept of software architecture can sometimes feel very vague. What is software architecture? This term describes how developers and program managers design and combine software components. It’s analogous to a building architect. Instead of walls, beams, concrete, and other physical things, there are software components. Example components include microservices, clients, servers, […]
Best Startup Tech Stack

Your Complete Guide to the Best Startup Tech Stack

The best tech startups have three key characteristics. First, they have a talented, capable team. Second, they have a fantastic idea. They also have the right startup tech stack to implement it. It’s impossible to stress the last point enough. The world’s best ideas will find serious headwinds if the founders elect to use complicated, […]